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"it started with one bird"

Great Crested Grebe.jpg

A personal challenge:
Photograph every bird species in the local area


Hi, my name is Rebecca and my husbands name is Sandy. We purchased a lakefront property at Curlew Waters which is one of the three lakes in the Lake Cargelligo system.

At the time, we had no idea what the property would mean for us and how it would change us. 

In the year 2017 in our backyard we noticed a cool looking bird that looked like a duck with something weird on its back.


Wanting to know what the weird thing was - I ran up to the house to find my camera. I returned and used the camera lens as binoculars.


As I zoomed in - I was GOBSMACKED!


Five tiny babies tucked into the feathers on its parents back. They were literally using their parent as a boat!

We identified the extraordinary "boating" birds as a Great Crested Grebes. 

I was in shock. How did we live our life not knowing that this amazing bird existed? This led me to the next question 

"What else don't we know?"

This would be the very first moment in our birding journey.

On the very same day, we did a search online and found a Lake Cargelligo birds list. We could literally name about 10 birds in the area  - but 

the list said there were more than 200 species!

Within an instant we decided that we would try to photograph as many different birds as we could to learn about them.

And so our journey began, giving every face a name and discovering the wonderful, wonderful world of birds.

We go on to e x p l o r e

to d i s c o v e r 

and to absolutely

c   h   e   r   i   s  h

the birds, and the place that we called home, Lake Cargelligo.

great crested grebes feeding 2017.jpg
Great C G 2017.jpg
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